We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Having Epilepsy for sixty five years I went to writing school after early retirement
learnt like many with disabilities by teachers my main aim in life, that was to
write poetry and books,many poems were published,but Chipmunka publishers
accepted my first book which was to help those with epilepsy that could have a
talent of some discription and not feel left out as a normal person.
My life story of suffering with this illness tells of how I fought it to work as normal as possible but one thing I did I feel in my heart is when I ran away to sea jumping ships that I went to West Africa Lagos etc,, America, Texas Galvison plus many ports around the UK and Ireland is that I could have endangered lifes while at sea.
So back to my Ist book, 'The DROPPINGS OFF A LIVING TREE', the title of the story was that we all like a tree have strong roots but many times branches fall off
like in our life yet sometimes epileptic people get the buds in Spring by taking new tablets,new cures by the Epileptic concerned people like the Epilepsy Today does.
So now gaining the talent of writing bring out my second book this year which is fiction of four different lads lives, one having epilepsy, another shot in the leg in Ireland during national service, also one in the navy who turns to alcohol ,the last one having a father that treats him and his family badly,but the full life story goes
to them growing old.So all you out their try and put a pen to paper.

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