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Sanofi statement about Epilim and Depakote stock levels (updated 18 Feb)

18 Feb 2019

Sanofi has issued the following update to its statement:

Patients may find that their normal tablet or granule preparation is substituted by their doctor for a liquid or syrup preparation of valproate and vice versa. This may result in a change to the frequency of dosing, but it is important that patients continue taking their medication and any changes are discussed with their doctor.

Purple Day - the international day for epilepsy

23 Jan 2019

For people with epilepsy, Purple Day is a huge deal. It is a day dedicated to encouraging people to open up about their condition, boosting a feeling of togetherness and spreading awareness. And, of course, it’s also all about dusting-off the all-purple outfits and accessories.

But Purple Day is an even bigger deal if you think about how it started.

The year was 2008 and it had been a year or so since eight-year-old Cassidy Megan from Halifax, Canada, had been diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy.

Teva topiramate stock issues in the UK

23 Jan 2019

Teva topiramate 50mg tablets are out of stock until mid-February 2019. The 10mg and 25mg tablets are available but low in stock.

If you usually take this medicine and dose, your pharmacist may need to supply you with a different manufacturer’s version of topiramate. If you have any concerns about this, speak to your GP, epilepsy specialist or epilepsy specialist nurse.

Epilim gastro-resistant tablets out of stock in UK (Updated)

16 Jan 2019

Update 1 February 2018

200mg tablets are also back in stock.

Updated 16 January 2019: 500mg tablets are back in stock.

Original story 11 January 2019: Epilim gastro-resistant tablets (sodium valproate) are temporarily out of stock in all doses.

Sanofi has told us the 200mg tablets will be back in stock by the end of January and the 500mg tablets will be back in stock in mid-January.