Oxcarbazepine – some versions out of stock

25 Mar 2022

There is a temporary shortage of the following oxcarbazepine tablets:

        • Trileptal 150mg
        • Sandoz oxcarbazepine 150mg

Novartis, who make both of these medicines, have told us they expect them to be back in stock from mid-April 2022.

Other strengths of Trileptal and Sandoz oxcarbazepine are in stock. Other manufacturers’ versions of oxcarbazepine are also available.

If you have any concerns about getting your usual medicine, please speak to your pharmacist or GP for advice.

Carbagen (carbamazepine) discontinued in the UK

28 Sep 2020

Mylan have discontinued their version of carbamazepine, called Carbagen.

Carbagen has been out of stock since January 2019, so most people will have already switched to a different manufacturer’s version of carbamazepine. If you are still taking Carbagen we recommend speaking to your GP or epilepsy specialist as soon as possible, as it is unlikely there will be much stock left.