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Teva oxcarbazepine tablets discontinued in the UK

15 Mar 2019

Teva is discontinuing its version of oxcarbazepine tablets. It has already discontinued the 600mg and 300mg tablets, and will discontinue the 150mg tablets later this year when current stock runs out.

Other manufacturers’ versions of oxcarbazepine tablets are still available. If you have any concerns about taking a different version of oxcarbazepine speak to your GP, epilepsy nurse or epilepsy specialist. 

Trileptal (oxcarbazepine) oral suspension stock in the UK

12 Mar 2019

Trileptal (oxcarbazepine) oral suspension is temporarily out of stock in the UK. Novartis, the company that makes Trileptal, is unable to confirm when it will be back in stock.

Some wholesalers may still have some supplies left. If your pharmacist is unable to get Trileptal oral suspension from their usual wholesaler they can ring Novartis customer services for advice.

If your pharmacist can’t get hold of Trileptal oral suspension speak to your GP, epilepsy nurse or epilepsy specialist for advice. They may need to prescribe you a different version of your medicine.

Tegretol prolonged release stock in UK

7 Mar 2019

We have heard that some pharmacists are unable to get hold of Tegretol (carbamazepine) prolonged release 200mg tablets. We’ve checked with Novartis, and these tablets have been out of stock but will be back with wholesalers this week. The 400mg tablets are in stock as normal.

If your pharmacist is having difficulty getting Tegretol prolonged release, they can contact Novartis Customer Services for advice.

Epilim Chrono stock

4 Mar 2019

We have heard that some people are having difficulty getting Epilim Chrono from their pharmacist. Sanofi has told us that 200mg and 300mg tablets are in stock. 500mg tablets have been out of stock but are expected to be available at the beginning of March. The exact date may vary according to where you live and which wholesalers your pharmacy uses.

If your pharmacist is having difficulty getting Epilim Chrono, they can contact Sanofi Customer Services for advice.

Sanofi statement about Epilim and Depakote stock levels (updated 18 Feb)

18 Feb 2019

Sanofi has issued the following update to its statement:

Patients may find that their normal tablet or granule preparation is substituted by their doctor for a liquid or syrup preparation of valproate and vice versa. This may result in a change to the frequency of dosing, but it is important that patients continue taking their medication and any changes are discussed with their doctor.