Epilim Chrono stock

21 Jan 2022

Epilim Chrono stock

We have received a further statement from Sanofi about this supply issue:

“Sanofi can confirm that there is supply of Epilim Chrono (sodium valproate and valproic acid) Controlled Release 200mg available in the UK.

Following minor delays in deliveries, some of our agents and wholesalers in some areas were left with limited supply of this medicine in recent weeks. 

Sanofi is working closely with stakeholders to ensure that there is improved national availability of this medicine with further supply to be received in our national distribution centre in the coming days. 

Should patients have any issues obtaining supply from their pharmacist, the pharmacist can contact Sanofi Customer Services (0800 854 430) for support.”

14 Jan 2022

We’ve heard that some pharmacies have been having trouble getting supplies of Epilim Chrono (sodium valproate) tablets.

We spoke to Sanofi, who told us there was a manufacturing delay which has led to some wholesalers running out of stock.

Sanofi say that any pharmacists having trouble getting supplies of Epilim Chrono should contact Sanofi customer services. They will be able to let pharmacists know which wholesalers have this medicine in stock.

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I asked what happens if they can't get the supply in and they suggested I start phoning other pharmacies myself. Feeling very let down by the lack of support. This medication is essential.

Submitted by Sarah Strong

I was told by the pharmacist they only had a weeks supply for me and they were having problems with supply. She suggested I change to a different brand if they couldn’t get any, or I could ring round other chemists to see if they had any Epilim in stock. I don’t think she realizes how important it is I have my tablets and I can’t change tablets just like that! Very worried!

Submitted by Helen Humphrey


Is this all the all the Epilim Chrono tablets or only certain ones? I know that Epilim Chrono comes in different dosages. I currently take the 300mgs & 500mgs ones. I also know that it also comes in 200mgs. I know different dosages of the tablets from the Patient Info Leaflet.

Please can you let me know? I'm due to 'order' my Epilim Chrono tablets in soon - this week. So need to know!

Thanks for the information!

Submitted by Susan Clarke

Hi Susan


It's always a worry when medicines becomes difficult to get from your chemist. 




As far as we are aware the problem has been with 200mg tablet. 




If your pharmacists is having trouble getting your 300mg or 500mg they should contact Sanofi customer services. They will be able to let your pharmacists know which wholesalers have this medicine in stock.




I hope this is of help. 






Helpline Team

Submitted by Diane - Epileps...

Our pharmacy couldn't get 200mg Epilim chrono and on advice from our gp have given us Epilim Chronosphere sachets to be dissolved in food or drink. I'm really worried that my son's currently stable epilepsy will be adversely affected

Submitted by Julia Webster

I had problems getting this yesterday. I had had part of my previous prescription honoured. I had to have a further prescription printed. I went in one pharmacy and she said they could always issue the syrup and it could be made up to the right dosage, but it would need to be taken twice a day instead of once. I spoke to 10 pharmacies and none had any supply. I crossed over the county border and managed to get some. I do think this is worrying. I spent 2 hours searching for some

Submitted by Erica Withnell


I ordered the epilim chrono from my GP yesterday (19/01/22) afternoon & I'm very happy to say that I received a text from my chemist - Boots - that in the late afternoon today (20/01/22) that my prescription was ready to picked up. This included all the 300mgs & 500mgs tablets that I needed!

I'm hoping that other people whom take epilim chrono can be equally as successful as I was in getting their prescription filled! I also hope that this matter gets resolved soon! i'm sorry to read that some people are having great difficulties in getting their epilim chrono!

So very relieved that managed to get all the epilim chrono that I needed!

Since I wanted you & other people to know that I was able get my epilim chrono filled successfully.

Submitted by Susan Clarke

A patient of mine has been told by a couple of chemists in the South Staffs area that they can't get hold of Epilim Chrono 300 mg strength tablets. I have passed on the direct number for Sanofi to the chemist so hopefully that will resolve the problem.

Submitted by Phil Tittensor

After changing our pharmacy we live in a small village
Low stocks of our disabled daughters drug always owing on prescriptions or having to go back 2-3 times to collect ( we live a 14 mile round trip away)
Changed first order owing second order no stock so as we are down to the last box after waiting I decided to try else where after a 57 mile trip I was told at 6 pharmacies no stock they would have to order I asked them to order came back no stock
I am getting worried now these are stresses a carer can do without
Final pharmacy rang Sanofi at the same time as myself enquiring online
They are going to highlight a supplier so fingers crossed but I had to travel 20 miles !!!!
Apparently the pharmacy can only order so much this has been the case for 2 years now or more our original pharmacy outlined this to us
These drugs as many have said above are important and I’m worried we are going to be told they have no stock and we will have to go through months of trying to source another option which means putting me and my daughter through more intervention and stress

Submitted by Sonia Rainbird
Hi Sonia, it is stressful and worrying when its difficult to get supplies of medicines. And I hope you can get your daughter's medicines now.
We are keeping up to date with supply issues. And we haven't been told of any further supply problems with Epilim Chrono medicines. The advice from Sanofi is still for pharmacies to contact them if they are struggling to get supplies. 
If you continue to have problems we can check this out for you. We would need to know the make, dose and formulation of your daughter's medicine and where you are in the UK.  
It would be best to contact the Helpline directly either by phone on 0808 800 5050 or by email at helpline@epilepsy.org.uk
Helpline Team
Submitted by Mags - Epilepsy...

Hi, i live in staffordshire and my local chemist is having huge problems getting any Epilim Chrono 200, in fact they have now told me that 300 are also out out of stock everywhere. (As of April 3rd 22)
I was wondering if anybody else experiencing this in other locations around the country at the moment?

Submitted by Paul Riley
Dear Paul
Thank you for making us aware of this. We are looking into this issue again and have contacted Sanofi.
At this time, the advice from Sanofi is still that pharmacists can contact their Customer Services team (0800 854 430) for support.
We will update this page with any new information.
Epilepsy Action Helpline Team
Submitted by Tom - Epilepsy ...
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