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Epilepsy and you… and me

21 Oct 2020

Epilepsy and you is a self-management course that can help improve health and wellbeing and allow you to increase knowledge, gain confidence, and acquire skills. The course can support you to have better conversations with your GP, Consultant or Epilepsy Specialist Nurse.

Mary Spencer, from Epilepsy Action, tells us more about the course and how it can help to make a difference.

“During this year, I made hundreds of telephone calls to people with epilepsy. As a charity it is really important to us that people with epilepsy do not feel alone and isolated. So I’ve been talking to people about Epilepsy and you, developed by Epilepsy Action with people who have epilepsy and those working with them.

The course has 8 units and takes about 16 hours to work through. People I’ve spoken to like the course because they can work through it at their own pace. The course is about acknowledgment, acceptance and moving forward. It’s all online - you just need the internet and a phone, tablet or computer. Even better, it’s absolutely free because some lovely organisations wanted to make it that way.

So how does it work and should you give it a go? My grandmother used to say “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Now, especially in a challenging year, is a great time to take an opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing.

Click this link and put in your details. You’ll get a telephone call from me and I’ll talk to you about the course to make sure it’s suitable and sign you up. In Yorkshire we say “you don’t get owt for nowt” but with Epilepsy and you, you do.

Epilepsy and you is a great course to help you to make changes to your life, allowing you to self-manage your epilepsy better.

I’m looking forward to chatting to you, I’ll put the kettle on, make a cup of Yorkshire tea and give you a phone call.

Speak soon,
Mary Spencer
Health projects co-ordinator

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My son is 24 and his epilepsy has become quite severe after University. No work , no self confidence etc. Whilst I see support of mother’s / families of younger children with epilepsy I am struggling to find support for myself, a loan parent ( carer, I hate the word ) who has to deal with the mental health and anxiety of both of us. It would be useful to find a therapist who knew / understood about epilepsy and could help us both .Regards Andrea

Submitted by Andrea Morley

Hi Andrea, it sounds like you and your son are having a very difficult time. 

It is hard to get counselling or support specifically related to epilepsy. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression or stress, your family doctor may suggest that you try a psychological therapy. These are sometimes called talking therapies. They offer an opportunity to explore problems that are affecting your mental or emotional health with a trained professional. They also help you to find ways of dealing with the problems.We explain what service are available on the wellbeing section of our website https://www.epilepsy.org.uk/info/wellbeing/therapies

Do you think it may help you and your son to talk to others with epilepsy? From our experience, in most case people find it helpful to talk to or contact people who understand what they are experiencing. If you think this could help you both, you may find some of our services helpful. Such as our local groups (virtual at the moment), our forum4e online community, facebook and twitter. These services are suitable for the person with epilepsy and their family members (carer).

We also have a membership scheme and e-action newsletter, which keeps people up to date with information.

Finally, you could always talk to one of us, Advice and Information Officers, on the Epilepsy Helpline (freephone) 0808 800 5050. Callers to the helpline are guaranteed a friendly welcome and can discuss their concerns confidentially. 



Helpline Team

Submitted by Diane - Epileps...
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