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Changes in the driving regulations for a first epileptic seizure for UK drivers

8 Oct 2009

If you're in the UK, and you have had a first, single, unprovoked, epileptic seizure, you may now be able to get your licence back:

  • after six months from the date of the seizure for a Group 1 licence
  • after five years from the date of the seizure for a Group 2 licence.

You will need to stop driving and inform DVLA (for England, Scotland or Wales) or DVA (for Northern Ireland).

To get your licence back, you will need to fulfil the following criteria.

  • You must not be taking medication for epilepsy.
  • Any tests you have, such as a brain scan and an EEG, must be normal.
  • An appropriate specialist must agree that you are safe to drive again.

These regulations only apply if you have had a first and single seizure. They do not apply if you have a diagnosis of epilepsy.

We're currently updating our information with these changes.

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