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UK TV series shows surgery for epilepsy

28 Jan 2013

A new UK television series started last night. The series follows the work of The Walton Centre. The Walton Centre is a specialist UK hospital that treats people with long-term brain conditions, like epilepsy.

The first programme is about three young people. One of them is having deep brain stimulation for epilepsy.

Twenty-one-year-old Kelsey’s epilepsy is very severe. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a treatment where a part of the brain is stimulated, to stop you having symptoms of a particular medical condition. It is called an interventional procedure, because it is a kind of surgery.

Of the 30 specialist neuroscience centres in the UK, the Walton Centre in Liverpool is at the forefront, both in terms of its highly experienced staff and cutting-edge technology. It is the only NHS Neuroscience Trust in the UK and treats more people with brain problems than anywhere else in the country.

For the series, The Walton Centre has granted Channel Five full access to its staff and facilities. The series follows some of its most impressive, groundbreaking surgical stories through the stories of the patients, each of whom suffers from a different neurological condition.

The programme is called ‘Brain Hospital: Saving Lives’. It will be shown every Tuesday for the next six weeks. It is only being shown in the UK on Channel Five. You can watch it on the web here.

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