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Epilepsy Action Care Plan and Review template

The Epilepsy Action 'My epilepsy care plan'

My epilepsy care planThe NICE clinical guidelines recognise that people with epilepsy and their families and/or carers should be empowered to manage their condition. The Department of Health describes care and support planning as a process which can help decide the best way to meet the person’s needs. It ‘considers a number of different things, such as what needs the person has, what they want to achieve, what they can do by themselves or with the support they already have, and what types of care and support might be available to help them in the local area’.

Healthcare professionals should adopt a shared decision making style that enables the individual with epilepsy, and their family and/or carers as appropriate, to participate as partners in all decisions about their healthcare as a collaborative partnership.

Care planning is a process of goal setting and action planning which helps the person with epilepsy to be confident to say what they need and get the support they choose.

The epilepsy action care plan includes space for healthcare professionals and patients to collate information about their condition.

You can either use the online electronic version My epilepsy care plan (remember to save it onto your own computer) or download a care plan.

Download a care plan  Download a care plan in Welsh

An example of a shared care planning conversation

Annual review templateThe annual review template

The annual review should include issues such as seizures, medication, concordance, side-effects, driving, employment, contraception, conception and pregnancy. A.10 Review checklist

Annual review checklist

There are several methods of recording the details of the annual review. Easily the best and simplest method is to use your computer supplier's preset software. All major suppliers have built in templates for an annual epilepsy review which ensure that the correct Read codes are used. However, these templates are set at minimal level. They can be supplemented by using the free text boxes incorporated in them, or by making additional records, or by using templates that have been developed in house.

Some practices are still mainly paper based, and may wish to use the paper recording sheet. Alternatively, you may wish to make all your notes on this paper version, which can be kept in the notes, or used as a checklist for writing the information into the notes. It can then be attached to the letter of referral, if referring the patient to a specialist.

Each individual within the practice can use the interactive action planner to create a personal task list. It is quick and simple.

Complete an interactive action plan for your practice

SystmOne patient care planning template

SystemOne planning templateEpilepsy Action has been working closely with NHS Yorkshire and the Humber to develop a patient care planning template within SystmOne.

The template guides clinicians through the annual review with an aim of improving the health and healthcare of a patient with epilepsy.

The planning template is contained within the Primary care resource pack Page 118

You can also order the full printed version of the Primary care resource pack by contacting mgulley@epilepsy.org.uk


For information about issues with anti-epileptic drugs please visit our Drugwatch page

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Wednesday 14 September 2016 - 15:48

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Is there a care planning template to be used on EMIS Web clinical system rather than just SystemOne?


Submitted by Bilal Shah on

Hi there, 

Unfortuantely no. There is not a care planning template to be used on EMIS Web clinical system rather than just SystemOne. We have worked with EMIS to embed a downloadable copy of the care plan into EMIS web, but it is not interactive.

Epilepsy Action Helpline

Submitted by rich on

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