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15 April 2015

In a new study, researched noted worrying side-effects of the epilepsy medicine topiramate in people with epilepsy and intellectual disability (ID). The drug appeared to have a negative impact on thinking abilities

2 April 2015

We care about epilepsy research.

There is so much we don’t know about epilepsy. It’s a really hard thing to understand. We know so little about what causes it and how to cure it or the true impact it has on a person’s life and those around them like their family.

31 March 2015

We have had several reports of a strange smell associated with these medicines:

  • Epilim 200mg gastro-resistant tablets
  • Epilim 500mg gastro-resistant tablets
  • Sodium Valproate Zentiva 200mg gastro-resistant tablets
  • Sodium Valproate Zentiva 500mg gastro-resistant tablets
26 March 2015

Two of Britain’s brightest acting stars are supporting Purple Day and Epilepsy Action to raise awareness of epilepsy