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Latest news and blogs

25 April 2016

Three of the UK’s epilepsy charities have created a survey to assess how aware women aged 16-50 are about the possible risks of taking sodium valproate during pregnancy. It launched on Monday, April 18 and will run for the next six weeks.

15 April 2016

We have checked stock levels with Actavis. The 5 mg tubes will be out of stock until November 2016. There are limited supplies of the 10 mg tubes in stock. Once these have run out Actavis do not know when they will be back in stock.

11 April 2016


Epilepsy Action has today ended its membership of the Joint Epilepsy Council (JEC) of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

7 April 2016

The length of focal seizures that occur in clusters could be linked to whether another seizure will follow or if it is the end of the cluster, a new study suggests.