Stick it to epilepsy this Christmas!

Help us to save lives this Christmas.

No person deserves to feel lost and isolated, especially at Christmas, when families and friends should be sharing the festive season together.

That’s why we are asking you to donate, so that this life-changing condition doesn’t become life-destroying.

Give the gift of a normal life

Together, we can make sure that nobody has to face epilepsy alone this Christmas.

Learn seizure first aid

It doesn’t have to be scary. All you have to do is CARE.


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Living with epilepsy

Having epilepsy can have an impact on many parts of your life.

We have advice and information on everything from driving to planning a family.

Explore living with epilepsy

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Get involved!

You can make a difference for people with epilepsy.

Whether you want to donate, fundraise with us or volunteer your time, here are ways you can support our work.