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Story for parents to explain their epilepsy

These two stories are for anyone with epilepsy who is a parent or cares for a young child.

When you decide to tell your children about your epilepsy is your decision. This story aims to help you with that conversation.

Children need to know what epilepsy is and that it’s nothing to be afraid of. They also need to know what they should do if you have a seizure.

Children can also get information about epilepsy from our children's website 'Just for kids'

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I have been searching everywhere for a story or something to help explain my epilepsy to my young daughter. Everything else I found was to explain epilepsy to young epilepsy patients. Thank you for taking the time to write about this very important subject it means so much to me.

Submitted by Crystal on

I think these books are a very good start and think we need to make more people aware of them. I want them even though I have no children, as my epilepsy has shrunk my eggs somehow at the mo. My brother has children and doesn't allow me to see them because his ex-wife told him I wanted to kill his kids. Just because I told her it doesn't look like I can have any of my own she called me a liar and then we had a row and she told my brother I wanted to kill them. He believes her. Which I did not say and never would, I love kids and am losing weight so I can have ivf soon. I have asked my mum that even though I can't see my nephews she can at least let them know about their aunts disabilities. She has asked me to get them for her.

I think we need to explain to kids what Jerking is though properly as well because now where there are things like Jerk chicken the two things will get very confused. Thanks

Submitted by Lisa Kemsley on

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