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Annie Cullen

I was diagnosed when I was about 4 years old, it took doctors four years to diagnose me with Epilepsy.

I was having seizures off the bat and my neurologist was trying to figure out medications that would work for me and how to control it. Elementary school was a little tough but we were figuring it out and trying to control the seizures. I was having tonic clonic seizures and tonic seizures.

As I got to middle school I was having twitches during class and at home and we thought it was just a tic but it ended up being mini seizures. I was having many of those during school and we had to know how to control them to stop.

As I got to high school freshman year I had my first tonic clonic seizure in 4 four years. I was playing soccer and got knocked down by a girl and hit my head on the ground and ended up having a seizure. I’ve played soccer since I was little but it became an issue when I got older because I had to be more cautious.

Sophomore and junior year were good year and I was doing good. When I got to my senior year of high school a bomb was dropped on me. I got all these bruises and doctors wondering and they thought one of my medications was causing it to happen. They took me off a medication I was on since I was little. When I got off of it, it caused me having two seizures every week.

It was happening so often that it was hard for me to function during school and I missed so many days because I was having a seizure each week and needed a break. My neurologist found out my medication wasn’t causing the issue and found out I had ITP.

When I got back on the medication that they took me off of I was not having seizures as often. I went to a new neurologist and he told me he wanted me to stay a few nights at the hospital and observe me to see the problem. He observed me and took me off two of the six medications I was on. We found out I had General Epilepsy and I would most likely have it for the rest of my life.

After finding out what I had and knowing what medications I should be on I started to be my old self and my health started getting better. I had two other seizures in the up coming months but I was doing well after that.

My neurologist told me to go on keto to help me and I did not have a seizure for 8 months. I was seizure free for about 8 months but I had a seizure in college because of stress.

I have now learned to controlled my seizures and I am proud to say I am 1 year seizure free. I have had many bumps on the road but I am where I want to be. My family and I thought I wouldn’t make it to college but I am a student at Illinois State University and majoring in special education.

I’m proud of myself to be this far in my life and feel good about myself.

Annie Cullen
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