We fight to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Anthony Cornish

to keep going.I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was thirteen years old.

Since then I have successfully achieved many goals. These include:
taking part in an eight week conservation trip, camping out on the plaine in Uganda,
flying an aircraft,
riding my motorbike,
completing the Three Peaks Climb,
obtaining the duke of edinburgh gold award,
cycled london to brighton, edinburgh to st andrews,
I have also spent twenty years doing voluntary work with chidren with special educational needs.

As a teenager I dropped out of school, but since then I have obtained my MSc Computer Science amongst other thing.

And my future goals... I plan to get involved in a range of new voluntary projects, get fitter, meditation, continuing creative writing.

I will also try to campaign more about epilepsy and being capable.


Anthony Cornish
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