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Dave Sayers

Following a 10 hours of life saving Craniotomy surgery in Sept 2001, and a follow up op in Dec 2001, I'd spent the next 5 or so years rehabbing, living as normal life as i could with an 11 inch scar and a fake bone flap to cover up the hole left from the surgery. i was back to playing sport, had a full driving license and had completed my full degree at Coventry University. However in 2007, things starting getting weird.

One summers morning I woken up by Paramedics on my bedroom floor, at the time I was under the impression I'd just fallen out of bed sleeping, and knocked my self out, but it was the start of a full diagnosis of Epilepsy. The next episode happened at work, and following a hearty lunch, I was sitting in the office with Marek, and out of the blue I passed out and he called the first aid team. I woke up in University Hospital, Coventry, and spent the afternoon having tests. Marek explained what happened but the shock of it and basic grasp of English at the time lead the Doctors to believe it was another random act, this time possibly caused by an excess of Pate at lunch.

However the defining episode, and one that lead to the ultimate prognosis, happened one evening in Dec 2007. Helping my friends decorate their new house, we settled down to watch TV and eat some pizza. Next thing I knew I was back in University Hospital. At the time, my friend recalled it as my sitting there just emptily staring in to space, when all of a sudden I had a seizure and began convulsing. She rang out the house and started screaming for help in the street, and soon the neighbours came and began to help.

Months of tests followed, driving license suspended instantly and my whole way of life was changed forever. Cold turkey from Alcohol to reduce the risks became the norm, and reliant on people for lifts was all too common. The results of the EEG came back saying a build up of scar tissue was the likely cause of the episodes. Being a tall guy, my Epilepsy consultant prescribed double dosage of Carbamezapine "because I'm a bear!".

12 years later, I'm still on it, 400mg twice daily, still no Alcohol, I've now been clear since that night in 2007 touch wood, I went through 2 three year driving licenses following the 18 month suspension, and now have a full license back again. I'm on of the luckier ones, but Epilepsy will always and forever be a cause I support.

Dave Sayers
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