The Great North Run will be the first mass participation event we'll be attending in over a year and a half. We can't wait to cheer on our amazing Great North Run team on Sunday 12 September.

Sonia will be one of those runners we'll be cheering on. Sonia is running for her 12 year old son Max after he was recently diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

“Max was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 7. He has tonic clonic and focal seizures and is also autistic. It’s been a long and exhausting journey in terms of his diagnosis and with all medications he’s tried. His seizures have got worse this year.

Recently Max has been having drop attacks and injured himself. He has broken his collarbone, chipped a tooth and burned himself during seizures. He’s desperate to be independent like other kids his age, without us worrying he will hurt himself and constantly looking out for him. We are waiting for Great Ormond Street Hospital to tell us if Max is eligible for surgery and hopefully try some new medication for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Running is a distraction for me and I am grateful for the support from my running friends at Bedford Harriers Athletics Club. I lost a bit of my mojo during lockdown with group runs cancelled and an injury, so the Great North Run place came up at just the right time. It has given me something to aim for. I am a bit nervous, though! So I’ll be running for Max and all the other families impacted by epilepsy.”

Epilepsy Action have been a great source of support to Sonia. “I was so fed up and frustrated after 2 years searching for answers. But the Epilepsy Action helpline were fantastic, especially when I needed advice about finding support for Max at school and getting a second opinion on his treatment when it wasn’t working.”
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