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Fraser Hills

Hi, my name is Fraser and first became aware of my epilepsy 24 yrs ago after I was attacked walking home one night. The seizures caused by tiredness and stress changed from nocturnal to daytime absences and I lost my job and home and returned to my parents when atonic and complex partial seizures started. I suffered many broken bones and two near death experiences once from falling on a railway track and the other after rupturing my spleen when collapsing. Every type of drug combination was tried and I was frequently scanned and told in 2011 that they couldn't pinpoint the part of the brain causing the problem but would I be willing to have a new type of vagus nerve stimulator fitted. The VNS system was fitted in my chest and wires run through my throat around to the back of my neck to meet the vagus nerve. The system can be worked and adjusted by computer and I have a magnet to boost the system and turn it off and I take 600 mg of Oxcarbazepine and 3000 mg of Levetiracetam a day plus sleeping tablets. It took a few years to fine tune the system but now I have been seizure free for over two years and have my driving licence back and looking for work. Don't give up

Fraser Hills
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