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I am epileptic, amongst other things, and my health is far from brilliant. But that does not define me. I am Ruth. I am a fighter. I am a warrior.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at aged five and placed on the drug Epilim, which caused me some pretty severe developmental delays until I was taken off it at aged nine due to my seizures stopping, where I flourished. Before that my mum was told 'she'll get by on her looks but there is nothing between the ears.'

Aged eleven my tonic-clonic seizures returned with alarming frequency, normally daily, along with the occasional atonic seizure and many absences. Despite these, I managed to perform well academically and gained a degree in Education.

After having a twenty-five minute seizure that left me with a traumatic brain injury earlier this year, I finally managed to get my seizures under control, finding a medication combination that keeps them down to about one a month, and I now run a blog, www.therollingtwenties.com, looking at living with epilepsy and other disabilities in a humourous way!

Sure, I have seizures, I walk funny, I forget what I am doing half the time. But that will never stop me living, loving or laughing.

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