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Zia Natasha Shortt

I was diagnosed with fractional Epilepsy 18 years ago. My epilepsy has changed a lot over the years having good periods and bad.

My consultant tried many different combinations of anti epileptic medication over the years but nothing was 100% successful. Even though I have never been seizure free I have never let it hold me back in leading a normal life.

My Achievements

▪ Newcastle College to complete a 2 year course in National Diploma in Art and Design. During my course I developed a passion for photography.

▪ At the age of 19 moved out of my parents to go to University in Middlesbrough.

▪ Went to London alone to meet a freelance photographer for work experience.

▪ After a 3 years completed a BA Hons Photography degree. (2.2)

▪ Didn't receive any extra help during my time at University because of my epilepsy.

▪ Have worked since I was 14 years old in many different occupations.

▪ Moved away from my parents again when finished my degree with a house share of 5 other girls.

▪ Travel alone and independently everyday.

▪ Enjoy a fantastic social life and regularly participate in a local netball league.

▪ Have a great boyfriend which I now live with in a beautiful flat.

Zia Natasha Shortt
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