The hurt inside

Why do I cry? why do I hurt?
I don't know where to start.
It never used to occur to me
that it would really break my heart.
Epilepsy is painful
My heart stabs in and out
I used to think it was my fault,
I filled my life with doubt
I feel confused my memory lost,
please take this all away
The seizures won't let up for me
I feel them day to day.
Please don't take away from me
the only things that matter
my self esteem, my self respect
and leave my life in tatters
So many lives have been turned
completely upside down
It makes me wonder whether help
frees me before I drown.
The constant medication
the side effects I've felt,
I can't control things anymore
so much I feels been dealt.
I don't know where I'm going
or what may lie ahead
many thoughts go through my mind
and fills my soul with dread.
I need to be myself again
and find that chance for me
To feel the happiness I once had,
to have that hope...BE FREE.

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