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Night, by Dawn

This poem was a runner-up in the 14 and over category of Epilepsy Today's first-ever festive poetry contest: Outside the lines.

I have an unstable epileptic condition. Between the main seizures during a cluster, I also have prolonged disturbing auras. These last two to three days and are invisible to others. They are so inexplicable and frightening. My faith gives me the strength I need to persevere, giving me profound reasons why I celebrate Christmas – Christ’s birth!


Night time brings a silence
Eerie echoes start
To revive a sense of loneliness
That dwells within my heart.

Cold and aching tingles
Creep along my arm,
Tired, I start to tremble
Aware I must stay calm.

Alarming thoughts are flowing
An aura reappears.
I gather my thoughts to overcome
A haunting sense of fear.

Conscious of how sinister
These illusions really seem,
An overpowering sense of imagery
Creates abnormal dreams.

Strange feelings of uneasiness,
Unsettled thoughts now flow.
In prayer I ask for comfort –
It’s the only way I know.

Expressive words evade me
No longer can I speak.
Lord give me strength to carry on
More faith in you I seek.

Touch me with your healing hand
Please take away the pain.
I believe you’re going to help me
Live a healthy life again.

Night, by Dawn
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