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Janette Wark

Despite have meningitis at 8 months, which left me with right temporal lobe epilepsy, I have graduated three times (Hons Degree Chemistry, MSc Waste Management and PhD). I underwent a partial right temporal lobectomy in 1995 during my PhD studies, which reduced my seizures by around 95%. After I had been clear of seizures for a year, I actually learned to drive, but then lost my license after having a grand mal seizure at work.
I worked as a Project Engineer for Jacobs, before leaving to set up my own business. I now work as Knowledge Transfer Manager for Glasgow Caledonian University, where I help academics and businesses work together to develop innovative products and services.
But my proudest achievement is my family: my husband James and my beautiful daughter Sarah, who is now six. The advice that I was given was that I wouldn’t be able to have a family, because of the medication that I was on, so I am so proud of giving birth to my daughter. Sarah has brought so much joy into my life and her understanding of my “shivers” has been really inspirational.
I've not let my seizures stop me from achieving my goals and would say to anyone who has epilepsy to reach for the stars!

Best wishes

Dr Janette Wark
BSc (Hons), MSc, Phd, MRSC(CChem), MInstKT

Janette Wark
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