My story: I had my first seizure at the age of 16 not long after starting at college studying for my A levels, all I remember is feeling really confused, I had never felt like that before, mum came to get me and I remember saying that I just wanted to go home, but her saying that I had to go to A&E because I didn't know where I was when I came around.

As a result of that trip to A&E I went for a MRI scan and an EEG when I saw consultant he said I had a fainting fit. I accepted this until the following March when I had another seizure at home, this time when we went to a a different consultant who diagnosed me with epilepsy.

I was lucky I had such supportive friends, and lectures who gave me the support when I needed it, but also treated me the same as before my diagnosis, which really helped me get over my diagnosis.
I was put on medication straight away and I know I am really lucky because it fully controls my seizures.

I am now in my third year at uni and have found more supportive people, who accept me for who I am and don't label me because of my epilepsy. I still meet those people who make assumptions about my epilepsy, and ask annoying questions but instead of getting frustrated (which is really hard sometimes) I use it as a chance to educated people about epilepsy.

Epilepsy will always be part of my life, but though the ups and downs I am determined that it will never rule my life or stop me reaching my dreams.

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