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Epilepsy Today is not just an online magazine – it’s a community! We want all our readers to get involved. There are several ways to do this.

If you want to post a short comment on a story, there is a comments box below every article on the Epilepsy Today site. You might want to agree or disagree, offer your own experience or simply ask a question.

Sometimes a short comment isn’t enough – you might have an opinion that takes longer to explain. You can put that into a letter to the editor – use the contact details above to send in your opinion, which may be included in the Speak up section.

Become an Epilepsy Today author

Epilepsy Today is all about experiences of epilepsy – including yours! We are looking for volunteers to write articles for Epilepsy Today. That may be a one-off article about your life with epilepsy that could appear in our My journal section. It may be a long-running column about the condition, which means you can write a new article every month or so.

Alternatively, maybe you are a budding journalist? Or an experienced journalist with a little time to spare? We are always looking for epilepsy writers to write feature articles. That includes things like interview pieces or maybe an account of an Epilepsy Action event that you did.

If you’d like to discuss becoming an official Epilepsy Today volunteer writer, contact the editor using the details above!

Contact the press office

If you are a journalist, you can contact Epilepsy Action’s press office for information and comment on all things epilepsy related. The press office offers a 24-hour service. We can provide views and expert comment on epilepsy-related stories and issues, as well as images and epilepsy statistics. We can also offer key spokespeople for interview and a wide range of people with epilepsy from all over the UK to share their story.

You can sign up to receive our press releases by email.

Alternatively, contact the press office directly using one of the following ways:


0113 210 8870