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New brain injury books launched

18 Feb 2014

Clair Cobbold of The Children’s Trust describes three new books available from the organisation. They are designed to help children understand what can happen as a result of a head injury

Epilepsy is hard enough for a parent to explain to a child. Epilepsy Action has some fantastic publications to help explain epilepsy. Still, if a child is left with epilepsy following a brain injury, the situation can be even more complicated. How do you explain to a child that they may not be quite the same again?

Pages from Tim-TronThe Children’s Trust has launched three new books that help parents to support their child following a brain injury.

The first is called Heads Up Tim-Tron. It is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a little robot who bangs his head. This causes one of Tim-Tron's circuit boards to stop working. He has to discover new routines and ways of doing things in life. It aims to explain brain injury to younger children in a colourful and interesting way.

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond experienced a brain injury while filming for the show. He has endorsed the books and has also recorded an audio book accompaniment for Heads up Tim-Tron that is free to download.

The Children’s Trust has also launched a new MediKidz book called Acquired Brain Injury – what’s up with Tamara? The Medikidz initiative produces a series of comic books that feature superheroes on a mission to help young people understand illness and medical concepts. They are all set in Mediland – an outerspace planet shaped just like the human body.

Acquired Brain Injury – what’s up with Tamara? follows the real story of a teenager learning about her brain injury with the help of the MediKidz team. The book helps older children understand brain injury and help them manage it.

[There is also a Medikidz book about epilepsy. It is called What’s up with Wendy? Medikidz explain epilepsy]

The final book is a parent’s handbook, full of information to help parents and carers of a child with a brain injury. It is split into two sections. The first gives general information Pages from Tim-Tronabout brain injury. The second provides more specific information for different stages of the ‘journey’ following a brain injury.

The books are available from The Children’s Trust website for just the cost of postage and handling.

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