Talk and support group blog November 2023

Published: December 07 2023
Last updated: December 07 2023

The weather in November didn’t deter us from launching groups across Liverpool, Manchester, Doncaster and Central London!

The new groups were really well attended and we hope those who came will continue to come back, to meet with others affected by epilepsy.

We spoke about the side effects of medication, and how they can impact every day life. Some people shared that this can make them feel isolated, which is also something that Rhys described when he shared his story this Christmas.


Hot topics

These are the topics that came up the most in this month’s groups:


Positive stories

Here is some feedback from our groups in November:

‘I think people were grateful to just talk about their experiences with people who understand and who aren’t the people they are affecting such as worried family members.’

‘The new people said how reassuring it was to be with people ‘who got it’ about having epilepsy.’

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