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Febrile Seizures

Young children

Febrile seizures are seizures that are triggered by a high temperature. They happen to around 5 out of every 100 children under the age of 6. They are usually linked to a childhood illness, such as tonsillitis. Febrile seizures are not epilepsy. But children who have had febrile seizures have a higher chance of developing epilepsy when they are older, than children in general.

You can find more information about febrile seizures on the Patient website.

Older children

It’s unusual for a child over the age of 6 to continue having febrile seizures. If they do, they might have a form of epilepsy, and your doctor may want to do some tests to look into this.

Information with references

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Epilepsy Action would like to thank Dr Amanda Freeman, Consultant Paediatrician at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK for her contribution to this information.

Dr Amanda Freeman has no conflict of interest to declare.

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I had a febrile seizures i stopped breathing and was blue my mom gave me mouth to mouth and by the time the EMTS arrived i stopped seizing . i think i am one of the 10% as i developed Epilepsy here is my story .
I have absence seizures. I was diagnosed at the age of 5 but i have been seizure free since the age of thirteen and so was taken of meds my triggers are flashing lights, specifically the transition from the out doors to inside a classroom getting too hot and recently sleep deprivation.
The effects of my epileptic seizures is that i have aspie like tendencies due to my epilepsy which i know is difficult to understand to put it in simple terms as a result of my seizures my brain compensated and rewired itself and so i have all of the symptoms of Aspergers but lack any sort of understanding math which for most Aspergers people they are gifted with math abilities.
After my father died, it seems I have had a relapse if that is possible. i still have my absence seizure but it is not enough to put me on meds . i have been getting driving lesson and have usually 10 seizures in the drivers seat. i take omega 3 cod liver oil liquid form as i can not swallow pills. which helps decrease the too -small -to -medicate -seizures i think i said that my seizures came back i wanted to clarify the EEG showed misfiring not seizure activity per say.

Submitted by sophie on

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