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  • Maisie Adam

    Talking epilepsy and comedy with Maisie Adam - Purple Day bonuscast

    “Ultimately, you have to find the light in it rather than the dark.” Epilepsy is hugely varied and affects everyone differently. For Purple Day 2021, we are excited to be able to share comedian Maisie Adam’s epilepsy story in this special bonus episode of epilepsycast. Diagnosed with epilepsy at 14, Maisie talks about her experiences coming of age with epilepsy and sharing it as part of her comedy routines. In this insightful chat, she reveals how humour helps her deal with the realities of her condition, and how she handles misconceptions that others have. She also shares insights into her comedy career and how she’s found doing stand-up in the global pandemic. You can watch ‘Vague’, Maisie’s standup show about her epilepsy, here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maisie-Adam-Vague-NextUp/dp/B07XZHK914 Transcript link: https://otter.ai/u/TMcCcQzuH0sEVr13guCT7pQclGI?f=

  • People with epilepsy talking about their condition

    What do you want to tell the world about epilepsy? - Purple Day bonuscast

    Purple Day is all about people with epilepsy coming together to raise their voices and speak out. Listen to Derrick, Debbie, Murray, Bob, Phil, Lauren and Charlotte as they tell us about their epilepsy, the myths they would love to bust and what they want the world to know about the condition.