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Event Date: 
Sunday 17 April 2016

Welcome to epilepsycast – the podcast about all things epilepsy, from Epilepsy Action. We’re looking forward to bringing you the latest epilepsy news and real-life stories every fortnight.

  • 7 - epilepsy and having a baby

    Ibby had baby daughter Niamh just under four weeks ago. She had seizures all through pregnancy, including just before the epidural for her C-section. We talk to her about being new to epilepsy, the joy of having a baby and the challenges the two can bring together. 

  • Patience

    6 - A marathon and not a sprint

    Patience was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 14. She has both tonic-clonic and focal seizures, sometimes two or three a week. Patience chats with us about her epilepsy journey. How her sister reacted to her first seizure, how shocked her friends and family were, her struggles with work and an invisible condition and her incredible decision to move her life to a different city. Throughout, Patience maintains her philosophy: ‘Keep in control’. Check out Patience’s new YouTube channel ‘Complete Patience’.