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Change lives and help the environment

If you live in the UK, you can raise vital funds to support people living with epilepsy by recycling your unwanted items.

The more items we receive the greater the donation. So why not invite your friends, family and colleagues or community to join you?

Inkjet cartridges and mobile phones

Our partner Recycle4charity will send you a Freepost envelope for most of your empty inkjet cartridges and any mobile phones. Alternatively, start a collection with your family, friends, colleagues or community by getting a larger recylcing box. Request your poster and collection box from Recycle4charity and when you have collected 25 cartridges or phones, Recycle4charity will collect them for free!

Get your Freepost envelope  Start a collection

Old, used and collectable stamps, coins and notes

Holding a collection is another great way to get your family, friends, colleagues or community involved while raising awareness and vital funding. Donations of 5kg or more can even be collected for free.

Collect everything in a strong box - there is no need to sort. When you have reached 5kg, please call Lisa Goodall on 0113 210 8822 to arrange collection. For smaller collections, please send directly to us in a suitable envelope ensuring there is sufficient postage (ideally a large letter stamp) to:

Epilepsy Action
New Anstey House, Gate Way Drive
LS19 7XY

We're always grateful to recieve any donation so thank you for considering recyling for people with epilespy. 

Almost anything else

Our friends at GiveaCar offer a hassle-free way to scrap your old banger and you’ll be donating at least £35! They are also able to turn almost anything of working order into valuable donations. Visit them and see what you could donate

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do u recycle mobile phones please can you let me know a.s.a.p please

Submitted by emma pearson on

Hi Emma,

Yes we do recycle mobiles. Simply visit www.recycle4charity.co.uk/Register/C31323 and register to get your collection envelopes and boxes sent to you for free. Or, if it's just a one-off give me a call on 0113 210 8816 and I can send you an envelope out. Thanks for thinking of recycling to help people with epilepsy.

Lisa, Epilepsy Action

Submitted by Lisa - Epilepsy... on

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