We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy


Gift aid declaration

Make your donation worth up to 25 per cent more to Epilepsy Action on the click of a button!

Just answer these two simple questions to see if you are eligible; 

Have you:

Donated any money to Epilepsy Action in the last four years?
Paid for a membership subscription in the last four years?

MoneyDo you:

Pay income tax?
Claim a state pension?
Have UK savings which are taxable?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you could be giving an extra 25 pence in every pound by simply filling in our Gift Aid form.


What is gift aid?

Anyone who pays UK tax in any form can give their permission for charities to claim back the tax that is paid on a donation. It costs you as the tax payer nothing at all, but means that we get 25 per cent of all eligible donations back from the government.

e.g. John has been giving us an annual donation of £10 for the last 10 years. He is retired, but claiming a state pension.

If John filled in the Gift Aid form, his donations for the past four years would be eligible for Gift Aid at 25 pence in the pound.

With a gift aid declaration, we can claim a further £2.50 on his £10 donation going back four years meaning we can claim £10.00 now, and every £10 he gives us in future years will be worth £12.50 to us.

Just imagine the difference it would make if ALL our members and supporters who are eligible filled in a Gift Aid form?

We would be able to claim thousands of pounds which would help thousands of people with epilepsy.

Fill in your gift aid declaration and make everything you have given Epilepsy Action for the last four years worth 25 per cent more.

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